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The Cecil Factor Part 7

Monday 3rd August 2015



It is very understandable that trophy hunters and  their organizations would have mounted a backlash against the illegal hunting of a lion. They all have been saying that lion hunting is sustainable while they admit that there are a “few” bad apples and rotten eggs in the hunting industry.

That is to be expected – after all trophy hunting, according to them, is “conservation” ?

But what amazes me is that there has been a backlash against Cecil by a diversity of elephant and rhino organizations. I cannot get my head around this. They say something like this – “one lion gets all the attention and meanwhile 96 elephants are killed every day”?  Or “one lion killed and the world goes nuts while over 1200 rhinos were poached in South Africa last year?”

Yes – Cecil went “viral”. Yes – Cecil grabbed the world headlines.

But let’s not entertain these sour grapes. There are far fewer lions left in Africa than elephants and rhinos. Lions have always been shoved into the wings while elephants and rhinos take centre stage.

It should not be  about “speciesism”. It should be about how we move forward to conserve all wildlife species. Cecil exposed the nonsense about trophy hunting sold as wildlife conservation. What all should see is that it is a corrupt and despicable industry, no matter what species is under the gun.   

Thanks to Cecil, Zimbabwe has now been pressured to place a moratorium on all elephant, leopard and lion trophy hunting around the Hwange National Park. Thanks to Cecil, millions all over the world are now shouting against the practice of trophy hunting. LionAid alone has received over 3 million “post reaches” these last few days.

Cecil will encourage a thorough review of trophy hunting. So no more sour grapes please.


Picture credit : Brent Stapelkamp

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