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This was a good week for lions.

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Lion March crowd

First, the Netherlands announced a total ban of imports of lion trophies (and for good measure a number of other trophy hunted species like hippos and polar bears).

Lion March 2Second, about 700 people protested on the streets of London on 30th April to encourage the UK to similarly ban the imports of lion trophies. LionAid is proud to have secured signatures from Professor Stephen Hawking, Brigitte Bardot, Australian Minister Greg Hunt, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, David Jones MP, Catherine Bearder MEP, Dr Jane Goodall on a letter delivered to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Third, one of the signatories to this letter was New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak. And would you believe it – a few days after the march Senator Lesniak announced victory in his long battle to have lion trophy imports banned from entering New Jersey.  

In the UK, 93% of citizens are totally opposed to lion trophy hunting. With our new momentum following the Netherlands, the 700 good people on the march in London and now the wonderful announcement from Senator Lesniak we are going to ensure that in the future not a single lion will be shot by a shameful sport hunter.

God bless New Jersey.



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