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Thursday 19th November 2015


 We have just been informed that LionAid have secured a Debate in the UK Parliament, calling for the UK to reject any further involvement in either canned hunting or trophy hunting of wild lions for sport.

David Jones MPWe are delighted that that the Rt Hon David Jones MP , pictured left, will deliver this Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall on the 24th November at 4pm.

We now need everyone in the UK who was horrified by the slaying of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe to contact their MP as soon as possible, urging attendance at this important Debate. Let your MP know that this is an important matter for you and you would like your MP to represent you at the Debate, urging a cessation of any further lion trophy imports into the UK.

You can find your MP here

There is not much time as the Debate is this coming Tuesday but if you contact your MP as soon as possible by phone or email, you CAN make sure that your MP attends this Debate.

Just two days ago, France became the first EU Member State and the second world nation (after Australia) to ban the import of lion trophies. Let us work now to convince the UK Government to bring in a ban to match that of France.
Indeed, Grant Shapps was quoted as saying that Cecil's death was barbaric and that the UK were keen to outlaw such practices.  Now is the time for all the MPs that represent you all to be in Westminster Hall on Tuesday at 4pm and add their condemnation of lion trophies being allowed into the UK.

On Friday next week, the UK Premiere of Blood Lions will be screened at the Royal Geographical Society. This documentary shows in dramatic detail the hideous industry of canned lion hunting. It shocks everyone who sees it.
Let us now seize the initiative and make every effort to convince the UK to do the honourable thing and BAN ALL FURTHER IMPORTS OF LION TROPHIES ONTO UK SOIL.

LionAid will, of course, be in attendance at the Debate on Tuesday and we hope that with your help now, we can make sure that very many MPS attend and make their voices heard.






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