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The reality of trophy hunting

Sunday 5th June 2016

Recently, a number of African lion range states came together in a meeting in Uganda to discuss the perilous state of lions and what to do about it. Organized by CITES and CMS, funded by the UK Government and the Dutch Government among others. Strangely, and perhaps predictably the range states decided that trophy hunting was going to be somehow “contributing” to lion conservation.

“Well regulated and scientifically guided” trophy hunting is supposedly a “saving” formula for wildlife.

That might well be, but those are empty phrases and empty promises.

Have a look at yet another hunting video (above) published from a Tanzanian hunting concession. A Tanzanian game ranger was supposedly present during these hunts by alleged Saudi Arabian “clients”.

Very many of Tanzania’s wildlife laws were broken – including hunting from a vehicle and shooting protected species like Kori bustards and a gerenuk.

Tanzania needs to get real. We have had past videos posted by similar Middle Eastern yahoos in other hunting concession areas.

Tanzania is not in any way engaged in conservation hunting as is clearly shown. Yet this country wants us to believe that they can “save” lions by hunting them?

I do believe that newly elected President Magufuli and the current Minister of Environment can be urged to make significant changes. I would hope that they would impose a complete trophy hunting moratorium to eliminate bad practices as shown in these videos, to take stock of what wildlife remains in hunting concessions via independent assessments, what hunting concessions actually contribute to rural communities, and take time to carefully assess what trophy hunting has realistically contributed to conservation of a wildlife resource that belongs to all Tanzanians?


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