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We are very excited to share with you the latest news regarding our efforts to raise funding for our most urgent projects.

Unfortunate video from Nivea Spain

NIVEA SPAIN have released an unfortunate new advertisement, featuring a white lion cub.

In order to guarantee a white coat, close …

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We depend on your generosity to help us further our work. 100% of our funding comes from donations.

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lionAid - saving Lions from ExtinctionArtists and Photographers

We have been lucky enough to receive some wonderful pieces of original art work (or numbered prints from original artworks) and some breathtaking photographs from some very talented artists and photographers around the world. So much so, that we have dedicated sections of the website to showcase this art. If you would like to donate a piece of artwork to put into an upcoming auction and/or you would like to be considered for entry into our Pride in Art and Photography sections, then please contact us.

Individual Gifts

If you would like to donate a product or service which we can put into a forthcoming auction, please contact us.

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LionAid rely on sponsorship from companies who, like-minded with us, share the need to reverse the decline in lions, an iconic species to us all. To find out more about sponsorship of LION AID, please contact us.

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We are a young, growing charity, and so there is a constant need for office equipment to help us carry out our activities even more efficiently. We are in need of computers, printers, laptops, office furniture etc. We would also be grateful for any company who would like to help us with such things as printing, IT support, advertising and promotions etc. The more help we get, the more funds we can dedicate to the cause for which they were originally intended - to prevent the quiet slide into extinction of a magnificent species.

Special Thanks

May we also take the opportunity at this point to thank all our LionAid sponsors, those kind people and companies who have already shown us tremendous generosity and support.

Ms Chris Macsween, LionAid Trustee & Founder