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Reaching out to the next generation through skype classroom.


LionAid is proud to be an official partner of skype classroom and we currently offer three lessons which we deliver to …

Communication from the European Commission â Great news for lions but also good news for the Argali and Polar bearsâ¦



No more of this in the EU?


The EU Directorate of Environment has now submitted draft changes to the EU Council …

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LionAid Radio Interviews

  • United for Wildlife Song

    United for Wildlife Song


    Click below to listen to the United for Wildlife Song, recorded by the children's forum for wildlife in Tanzania.

  • Interview with Pieter on the 5th November 2013

    Interview with Pieter on the 5th November 2013

    Pieter was invited to take part in an interview with John Souglides PhD on the 5th November. It aired on Hellenic Radio, based in Johannesburg and is also available as a podcast on John's website.

    This in-depth interview explores many of the critical issues facing lions today and which are responsible for the continuing catastrophic declines in the remaining lion populations.

    Questions covered include:

    * Why should we be concerned about lions when the focus of conservation these days seems to centre around tigers, elephants and rhinos?

    * What are the main sources of mortality for wild lions?

    *What is the extent of trophy hunting of lions in Africa?

    *Trophy hunters, some NGO's and some wildlife departments in Africa believe that lions should be hunted to save them. Why is your opinion?

    *What is your opinion about the captive breeding of lions to feed the trophy hunting industry, the pet trade and the zoo trade?

    *What is the difference between a white lion and a tawny lion? Are these animals special? Do they need special protection status?

    *How is LionAid funded? Is it difficult to start up a new NGO with LionAid's wide diversity of goals and international presence?


     You can DONATE here to support our work to conserve the remaining fragile lion populations. Thank you  

    Click on the link below to listen to this interview and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or would like to get involved.


  • Oliver Timms interviewed by BBC Radio Sussex

    Oliver Timms interviewed by BBC Radio Sussex

    Saturday, the 18th May 2013


    This morning, on his BBC Sussex Saturday Breakfast Show, Mark Carter  interviewed LionAid together with Oliver Timms and his father Matthew.

    Oliver and Matthew are, as we speak, taking part in the South Downs Trekathon and were interviewed just after they had set off on the arduous 26 mile course!

    Oliver is an inspirational 13 year old autistic boy who  has taken on this huge  fundraising challenge because, as he says

     “I am raising money for Lions because they are dying out and being poached by bad people. I am worried about them and want to help. If we want to see Lions in the future we need to support them by raising money to protect them and their habitat”


    What an AMAZING effort. Young Oliver is truly showing the way by undertaking such an arduous challenge for the lions he loves. Actions speak louder than words and we hope you will all respond to his wonderful fundraising effort by donating as Oliver is hoping you will..

     He is an inspiring young man with a true lion heart.  

    Go Oliver!


    You can donate to his Trekathon here.


    You can also text TREK18 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to Oliver's fundraising trek.


    Listen in now to Oliver and his dad as they tell Mark why they are taking on this enormous challenge.

  • LionAid Discusses Zambia's Moratorium On Big Cat Trophy Hunting

    LionAid Discusses Zambia's Moratorium On Big Cat Trophy Hunting

    We were delighted when The Organic View Radio Show host, June Stoyer, once again invited us to be interviewed on her tremendous Radio Show.

    Click below to listen in to this interview with Pieter about LionAid's new assessment report on lion populations, about Zambia's moratorium on big cat trophy hunting and why is it so imperative to save the remaining fragile lion populations.

    And thank you to all the listeners who are taking the trouble to post their feedback on the interview. Your kind words touch us greatly.

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  • Africa battles poachers to save its wild lions - ABC News Australia

    Africa battles poachers to save its wild lions - ABC News Australia

    ABC News in Australia recently interviewed Pieter on their evening show about the catastrophic decline in lion populations, particularly in western Africa.


    have a listen....



    Picture credit:


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  • Radio interview on "Savage Sunday" 15th July 2012

    Radio interview on "Savage Sunday" 15th July 2012

    Pieter was interviewed on Anton Savage's radio show "Savage Sunday" on the 15th July. in this segment, Pieter is asked to comment on the decision by Tayto Park in County Meath, Ireland to import four white lion cubs from breeders in South Africa.

In the 1960's, there were over 200,000 lions in Africa. Now the population is down to less than 25,000; a decline close to 90% in just 50 years. dedicated to the conservation of lions, has been successfully working with members of the UK and EU Parliaments to address major issues contributing to the catastrophic lion population decline. While LionAid accepts that loss of habitat and co-existence issues with humans and livestock have been a major factor, they now consider that lion trophy hunting as a significant source of mortality that needs more stringent regulation. LionAid also recognizes that disease issues emanate from domestic animals continues to affect lions. As a component of their overall lion conservation plans, a conference will be held in Nairobi on March 29 and 30, 2012. This conference will enable forward-thinking range states to evaluate considered conservation programs for African lions to better ensure their future survival. In this segment host June Stoyer speaks to the founders of, Christine Macsween and to Dr. Pieter Kat.

Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show in the US, host, June Stoyer speaks to the two trustees of LionAid, Dr. Pieter Kat and Christine Macsween.

Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio