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A great meeting with Africat Namibia.


Yesterday we travelled to London to meet up with Tammy Hoth from Africat Namibia. We spent a very productive couple of hours in …

 "Draw Out The Lion In You" receives celebrity support

  from Brandon and William, aged 7.


Ricky Gervais is, as I write this, working on a fabulous lion painting for us!! …

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LionAid Photographers Artwork

These galleries show photos of lions from LionAids supportive photographers.

Photography Galleries
Chris Harvey
Martin Fowkes
Steven Stockhall

Martin Fowkes

Martin has been interested in photography all his life. He studied at a local college to achieve qualifications in a number of disciplines although his main interest has always been landscape and wildlife photography. In 2007 he visited Finland to photograph brown bears in the wild and he has photographed tigers in India. It was probably, however, his first visit to Kenya which really inspired him. Having spent time in the Masai Mara, where he photographed African wildlife, Martin hopes to inspire others to take an active interest in this magnificent but fragile environment, which unless protected may be lost to future generations.

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And more concentration!

And more concentration!

Martin Fowkes