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Template letter to send to your MP

Tuesday 18th March 2014

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During the Global March Against Canned Lion Hunting in London, we asked all of you to write your MPs and MEPs to give their legislative support to prevent any more lion hunting trophies from ever entering the EU again.

GML Trafalgar SquarePlease take the following template letter to your local MP as just a suggestion. Please personalize it and make your own points. You marched as individuals, it will be your vote and your voice that is important to them.

Please also note that you must identify your own MP – only letters from a member of constituency will have their letters read and acted upon. If you have not already done so, please register yourself on your local voter’s rolls.


Here is a template for your local MP letter:


Dear xxx

As your constituent, I would request your support to bring a Motion to Parliament banning any further import of lion trophies from South Africa into the UK and the EU. Well over 8,000 lions are being bred in captivity to supply the sordid canned hunting trade. Canned hunting of lions was first revealed by Roger Cook of the award winning Cook Report – it entails captive bred lions completely used to humans being placed in a confined area to be shot by paying “hunters” using rifles, bow and arrow, and even pistols.
The lion breeders also derive funds from UK volunteer agencies to supply them with a constant stream of innocent young people believing they are assisting lion conservation paying money to raise lion cubs that they believe will be returned to the wild. In fact they are being raised to be killed for trophies on walls.

For far too long South Africa has been allowed to continue this unethical and immoral practice.

On March 15th, people in 62 cities across the world in 21 countries marched on the streets to protest against canned hunting. In London alone, well over 1,000 people from all over the UK demonstrated to put an end to canned lion hunting. This was the biggest demonstration ever to raise awareness for a wildlife issue.

As your constituent I would ask you to please use your voice to speak out. On February 13th, a world summit was organized in London by Prince Charles, The Duke of Cambridge, and David Cameron to put a halt to the illegal trade in wildlife products. Proper conservation of our world wildlife heritage is becoming a more and more important issue politically.

Precedents for this type of action include the EU ban on imports of seal skins from Namibia and Canada as the industry is based on animal cruelty.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter,




GML Houses of ParliamentGML On Westminster Bridge

Posted by Chris Macsween at 20:03

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